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Please enter your information below and we will attempt to contact you within 48 hrs to confirm your pickup date
Do Not Assume You Are Scheduled For A Pick Up Until We Have Contacted You  And Confirmed Your Requested Time Is Available

SVDP is a 501(c3) organization and items are tax deductible as permitted by law 
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Items to Donate

Please check below all acceptable days and times for a pickup. 
 We will attempt contact you within 48 hours to confirm your date & pickup time.

NOTE: We Will Not Schedule a Pickup Without First Contacting You
and Confirming the Day and Approximate Time of Your Pickup

Zip Codes listed are our preferred pickup areas for days and times listed

Mon 1 PM to 4 PM  for Zip Codes   47401, 47403, 47404, & 47429
  Tues 10 AM to 2 PM  for Zip Codes               47401, 47403 & 47408
 Tues 4 PM to 6 PM   for Zip Codes     47401, 47404, 47408 & 47429 
   Wed 10 AM to 2 PM  for Zip Codes      47403, 47404, 47408 & 47429
     Thur 10 AM to 2 PM  for Any Zip Code in Monroe County, Indiana 
Generally pickups are made within two weeks of request.
Check this if you need to schedule a day, time or zip code not listed.
(Note: We are not always able to accomodate custom pickup requests)
Check this if someone at your location can help load items.
All items to the best of my knowledge are in good useable condition
and have not been exposed to bed bugs or other infestations.
I understand that SVDP may not accept items that do not meet their
standards, current needs or exceed certain size and weight limits

To view acceptable items please click here
All items are ready to transport and are on the ground floor, in the garage or other easily accessible area
 (if not please explain below)

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